1. Character CreationBegin your journey by defining the hero you will play as.
  2. Lands of Lord BritishWin the Red Gem in The Castle of the Lost King and obtain a vehicle that can cross water.
  3. Lands of the Feudal LordsObtain the Green Gem from the King of The Castle Rondorin.
  4. Lands of the Dark UnknownObtain the Blue Gem from the King in The Black Dragon's Castle.
  5. Adventures in SpaceObtain a Shuttle and become a Space Ace by destroying 20 enemy vessels, locating a Time Machine in the process.
  6. Lands of Danger and DespairWin the White Gem from Shamino in his castle.
  7. The Final BattleUse the four Gems and the Time Machine to battle Mondain, destroying his Gem of Immortality and then defeating him.