Spells – 10 shown
Advanced spells can only be used by Wizards
The keystroke used to buy or select this spell
Whether this spell is only usable in a dungeon, or it can be used in the overworld or in cities and castles as well
The effective range of the spell; a range of 0 means that the spell affects the square the caster is in
The possible range of coin required to buy this spell in a shop; the higher your wisdom score, the lower the cost
Which classes are able to buy this spell; note that any class may cast any spell if they own a copy of it (i.e., as a random bonus from magic waters)
A summary of what the spell does and how its effect is determined
Prayer a Anywhere - - All classes Casts a random spell in dungeons; increases hit points or food to 15, or attempts to remove adjacent monster on world map
Open b Dungeon - 3–5 p. All classes Opens a coffin, disarms traps
Unlock c Dungeon - 6–10 p. All classes Opens a chest, disarms traps
Magic Missile d Anywhere 3 9–15 p. All classes Deals random damage up to the caster's Intelligence
Ladder Down f Dungeon 0 15–25 p. All classes Creates a ladder leading to the next dungeon level
Ladder Up g Dungeon 0 18–30 p. All classes Creates a ladder leading to the previous dungeon level
Blink h Dungeon - 21–35 p. Wizard Teleport to random dungeon location
Create i Dungeon 1 24–40 p. Wizard Create an energy field in front of you
Destroy j Dungeon 1 27–45 p. Wizard Destroy an energy field in front of you
Kill k Anywhere 3 30–50 p. Wizard Attempts to destroy an enemy