Upgrades: Krogan Vitality – 2 shown
The amount of credits or minerals required to buy or research this upgrade; for upgrades that can be repeated, the cost is multiplied by the number of the upgrade being researched; thus if an upgrade costs Level × 500 Element Zero, the second upgrade would cost 1,000 Element Zero, the third 1,500 Element Zero, and so on; purchased upgrades are not counted for this purpose, so the cost is the same whether purchased upgrades are purchased before or after other research; note that it is possible to get a 1/6 discount on the price of most purchased upgrades (see shop page for details)
Indicates whether the upgrade is purchased with credits or researched with element zero or minerals; upgrades that are purchased with credits are applied immediately, while others must be found and later researched on the ship
How this upgrade becomes available; purchased upgrades do not have to be researched (the listed cost is the price to buy them), but found upgrades must be; research cannot be started until Mordin is recruited; upgrades that require a certain level of another upgrade become visible in the research list when you are one level below their requirement
Level × 2,500 Platinum Found in Blue Suns Facility
Level × 2,500 Platinum Found in Weyrloc Facility
Characters: Who benefit from Krogan Vitality – 1 shown
Hidden characters can only be recruited under special circumstancs; DLC characters are only available if you have installed the relevant content
Each character specializes in one or two of the three basic skill areas; the skills are combat, tech, and biotics
The character's base health score; this number can be modified by powers and upgrades
The character's alternate defense type and strength; this number can be modified by powers and upgrades
Each character begins at rank 1 in their primary power; they may begin at rank 1 in their secondary power, or it may be locked, meaning squad points may not be spent on that power until their primary power has reached rank 2; initially locked powers are indicated by bold text
Active Powers
Each character has a unique passive class power that grants them a variety of bonuses
Class Power
When a character is loyal, they gain access to an additional active power; when starting a new game or using the Retrain Powers upgrade, Commander Shepard can select any one previously earned loyalty power as a bonus power; these powers are locked, as indicated by bold text
Loyalty Power
The types of weapons that this character is able to use
The mission or area where this character is first recruited
The mission where you can gain this character's loyalty; this character must be present during the mission
Loyalty Mission
Grunt Combat 300 Armor 300 Concussive Shot
Incendiary Ammo
Krogan Berserker Fortification Shotgun
Assault Rifle
Dossier: The Warlord Rite of Passage