Found Items: In Mining Facility – 10 shown
The type of object to be examined
If the object requires a hack or bypass minigame to open, that is indicated here
The item found by examining this object; names in gray italics indicate items which are only available through downloadable content
Where within this area the object can be found; these are normally listed in general order of appearance
Container - 2,250 credits Outside building
Refined Iridium - 440 iridium In first area
Refined Iridium - 600 iridium Along path
Refined Iridium - 560 iridium Near ramp
Locker Bypass 1,050 credits After ramp
Refined Iridium - 400 iridium Path after ramp
Medical Station - Medi-gel Open room
Power Cells - Heavy Weapon Ammo Atop steep ramp
Power Cells - Heavy Weapon Ammo In lower path
Locker Bypass 450 credits Near device (very difficult to get because of husks)