Weapons: Added by Collectors' Weapon and Armor – 1 shown
The in-game name of the base weapon; weapon upgrades will change each weapon's code and number; heavy weapons are used regardless of class and only be Shepard; exclusive weapons may only be used by a given character, and possibly Shepard under certain circumstances; DLC weapons are only available if you have installed the relevant content
The class of this weapon; whether a character can use a particular weapon depends on whether they are able to use any weapons of that class; only Shepard can use heavy weapons
Some weapons may only be used by certain characters; heavy weapons are all exclusive to Shepard; Shepard may use any unique weapon by choosing it at a certain point in the game (including those normally unique to other characters); however, you may only choose a weapon if Shepard is already proficient with that class of weapon
Exclusive To
The style of fire of this weapon; note that semiautomatic means the weapon will fire repeatedly until the clip runs out, while single shot means there is a significant delay between shots
Shot Type
The default number of shots you can take with this weapon before reloading; upgrades may increase this value; heavy weapons do not use clips
Clip Size
The default amount of reserve ammunition you can hold for this weapon; upgrades may increase this value
Reserve Ammo
When this weapon becomes available; most basic weapons are given at the start of the Freedom's Progress mission; most downloadable content weapons are given automatically, and can be accessed once you have the Normandy
Assault Rifle - Automatic 28 280 Found on Normandy SR-2
Armor: Added by Collectors' Weapon and Armor – 1 shown
Armor upgrades are purchased in shops; DLC armors are only available if you have installed the relevant content
Shepard can either equip one armor full set, or one each of the armor subtypes (helmet, shoulders, arms, chest, legs)
The shop where this armor can be purchased; any armor that cannot be purchased is always available to Shepard, provided you have the appropriate downloadable content pack; Shepard cannot change from the default armor until you gain access to an armor locker
For armor that is purchased, the retail price of the armor; it is possible to get a 1/6 discount on most shop prices (see shop pages for details)
Collector Chitin ArmorDLC Full Set No purchase necessary -