Accessories: Which Synthesize Debrave Duration – 2 shown
Rare accessories cannot be purchased but may be dropped by monsters or upgraded from purchased accessories; unique accessories can only be found or upgraded from other unique accessories, and are therefore limited in number
The passive ability granted by this accessory; the "X" in this name will be replaced with the accessory's current bonus, which is determined by its level
For accessories with a numerical bonus, this indicates the range that the bonus may grant; for accessories that can only be created via upgrade, the low end of this range is based on the level the new accessory will be created at; if you hover over the bonus range, the tooltip text will give you the exact per-level formula for the bonus
The cost to purchase this accessory from a retail network, if it is available for sale
The amount of gil you would receive for selling the accessory to a retail shop at its minimum level; value increases as the accessory gains levels; if you hover over the value, the tooltip text will give you the exact per-level formula for the value
Each accessory has an associated rank, which determines how much experience the accessory gains from components of any given rank; a higher-rank accessory typically requires more or higher-quality components to upgrade
The per-level cost to upgrade this accessory; this cost increases at each level past the first, as indicated by the formula
Upgrade Cost
The number of times this accessory can be upgraded; the accessory actually has one more level than the number listed, the master level, which is indicated by a ✩; note that for accessories that must be created viw upgrade, some lower levels cannot actually be reached, since the accessory is created at a higher level
The total amount of experience required to take this accessory from zero experience at level 1 to level ✩; the full value is listed even for accessories that only appear above level 1 because the amount of experience accumulated on a master accessory is carried over when it is upgraded; for a breakdown of exactly how much experience is required to master an accessory from any given level, view its information page
Master EXP
If this accessory is mastered and upgraded, it turns into another accessory; because accumulated experience is carried over, the new accessory will usually be created above level 1, as indicated here
Upgraded To
When an accessory is mastered, you may use this catalyst to upgrade it into a new accessory
The first chapter in which the accessory can be purchased, found, or upgraded from another accessory
Giant's Glove Resist Debrave: +X% 30–45 3,000 gil
1,500 gil
3 450+114/lv 5 3,390 Warlord's Glove Lv.4 Perovskite 11
Warlord's Glove Resist Debrave: +X% 46–60 -
4,438 gil
5 760+195/lv 10 16,375 - - 11