Weapons – 33 shown
Upgraded weapons are improved versions of starting weapons; ultimate weapons are the most powerful versions of each character's weapon
The character that can use this weapon
The bonus to strength provided by this weapon
The base hit rating of this weapon; a character can augment this value through junctioning or by using certain abilities; hit determines the accuracy of the character's physical attacks; a weapon with a hit of 255% cannot miss
The magazine that, when found, will add this weapon to the junk shop list; note that any weapon you have the components to create is automatically added to the junk shop, even if you do not have the appropriate magazine
The cost to perform this weapon upgrade in a junk shop; you must also have the appropriate components to perform an upgrade
The components required to upgrade to this weapon; you must also pay a gil cost to perform the upgrade
Revolver Squall 11 255% Weapons Mon Mar 75 gil M-Stone Piece ×6, Screw ×2
Shear Trigger Squall 14 255% Weapons Mon Apr 150 gil Steel Pipe, Screw ×4
Cutting Trigger Squall 18 255% Weapons Mon May 300 gil Screw ×8, Mesmerize Blade
Flame Saber Squall 20 255% Weapons Mon Jun 450 gil Turtle Shell, Screw ×4, Betrayal Sword
Twin Lance Squall 22 255% Weapons Mon Jul 600 gil Screw ×12, Red Fang ×2, Dino Bone
Punishment Squall 24 255% Weapons Mon Aug 750 gil Star Fragment ×2, Turtle Shell, Screw ×8, Chef's Knife
Lion Heart Squall 30 255% Weapons Mon 1st 1,500 gil Adamantine, Pulse Ammo ×12, Dragon Fang ×4
Metal Knuckle Zell 12 98% Weapons Mon Mar 75 gil M-Stone Piece ×4, Fish Fin
Maverick Zell 15 99% Weapons Mon Apr 150 gil Spider Web, Dragon Fin
Gauntlet Zell 20 101% Weapons Mon Jun 300 gil Fury Fragment, Dragon Skin
Ehrgeiz Zell 25 103% Weapons Mon Aug 600 gil Adamantine, Fury Fragment, Dragon Skin ×4
Valiant Irvine 12 105% Weapons Mon Apr 75 gil Steel Pipe, Screw ×4
Ulysses Irvine 15 108% Weapons Mon May 150 gil Steel Pipe, Screw ×2, Bomb Fragment
Bismarck Irvine 20 110% Weapons Mon Jul 300 gil Steel Pipe ×2, Screw ×8, Dynamo Stone ×4
Exeter Irvine 25 115% Weapons Mon 1st 600 gil Star Fragment ×2, Screw ×18, Moon Stone, Dino Bone ×2
Chain Whip Quistis 12 103% Weapons Mon Mar 75 gil M-Stone Piece ×2, Spider Web
Slaying Tail Quistis 15 104% Weapons Mon May 150 gil Magic Stone ×2, Sharp Spike
Red Scorpion Quistis 20 105% Weapons Mon Jun 300 gil Ochu Tentacle ×2, Dragon Skin ×2
Save the Queen Quistis 25 107% Weapons Mon Aug 600 gil Energy Crystal ×4, Sharp Spike ×4, Malboro Tentacle ×2
Pinwheel Rinoa 11 99% Weapons Mon Apr 75 gil M-Stone Piece ×3
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