Shop Goods: Weapons Mon Apr – 1 shown
The name of the shop where this item is sold
The cost to buy this item in this shop, if it is available for sale; these values apply if you do not have the Haggle menu ability
The cost to buy this item in this shop if you have the Haggle menu ability and it is available for sale
Whether the Familiar menu ability is required to purchase this item from this shop
Esthar Book Store 1,000 gil 750 gil -
Items of Interest: Where Weapons Mon Apr is Found – 1 shown
What this point of interest is
The part of the world where this point of interest is located
The specific area within this location where this point of interest is located
Details on where this point of interest specifically can be found
Weapons Mon Apr Balamb Garden Dormitory Single In Squall's Seed dorm room, on the table
Weapons: Found in Weapons Mon Apr – 4 shown
Upgraded weapons are improved versions of starting weapons; ultimate weapons are the most powerful versions of each character's weapon
The character that can use this weapon
The bonus to strength provided by this weapon
The base hit rating of this weapon; a character can augment this value through junctioning or by using certain abilities; hit determines the accuracy of the character's physical attacks; a weapon with a hit of 255% cannot miss
The cost to perform this weapon upgrade in a junk shop; you must also have the appropriate components to perform an upgrade
The components required to upgrade to this weapon; you must also pay a gil cost to perform the upgrade
Shear Trigger Squall 14 255% 150 gil Steel Pipe, Screw ×4
Maverick Zell 15 99% 150 gil Spider Web, Dragon Fin
Valiant Irvine 12 105% 75 gil Steel Pipe, Screw ×4
Pinwheel Rinoa 11 99% 75 gil M-Stone Piece ×3