Maps: Connected to World Map Kashuan Keep Area – 2 shown
The name of the map, including both the general area and the specific floor or section; limited maps are closed off at a certain point in the plot; temporary maps only appear during certain brief plot points; end game maps appear during the closing events of the game
The number of treasures to be found on this map
If there is an inn or sanctuary on this map, they will be listed here; all inns have a set cost of 1/4 of the party's lost hp plus the total of their lost mp, and all sanctuaries are free
Do the Warp and Teleport spells operate on this map?
A list of the types of shops that can be found here
2 - Yes -
- - Yes -
Random Encounters: Found in World Map Kashuan Keep Area – 8 shown
The probability of any given encounter being this one when you have a random battle on its map
Zombie ×2–4 18.8%
Vampire Thorn ×2–4, Hornet ×0–4, Leg Eater ×0–4 18.8%
Soldier ×1–3 18.8%
Soldier ×1–2, Balloon ×0–3 18.8%
Vampire Thorn ×2–6, Leg Eater ×0–5 9.4%
Queen Bee ×1, Hornet ×0–7, Leg Eater ×0–4, Vampire Thorn ×0–5 9.4%
Dead Head ×1–2, Zombie ×1–2 4.7%
Goblin Guard ×6–7, Goblin Prince ×1–2 1.6%
Monsters: Found in World Map Kashuan Keep Area – 10 shown
Bosses must be defeated as part of the plot; rare monsters appear in trap rooms for the current map or area; the final boss must be defeated to complete the game; superbosses are the most dangerous monsters in the game, but are optional
The rank of the monster; the rank of any given encounter is determined by the lowest rank of any monster in that encounter; rank is used to determine how quickly skills progress toward the next level
The monster's starting and maximum hit point total
The monster's starting and maximum magic point total
Each physical hit will deal between one and two times this amount of damage to the target, reduced by the target's defense
The number of attacks the monster makes when it attacks physically, and the accuracy of each of those attacks
The status ailment or other effect, if any, that can be inflicted by this monster's attacks; if a monster inflicts multiple status ailments, all are inflicted at once; drain attacks always drain 1/16 of the target's total hp or mp, as appropriate, and have an opposite effect against undead creatures
Each physical hit the monster takes will have its damage reduced by this amount
The number of evasion chances the monster has when attacked physically, and the sucess rate of each of those chances
The number of magic defense chances the monster has when targeted with a spell or ability, and the sucess rate of each of those chances
Mag. Def.
A monster's fear score is the base chance that it will flee from combat on its turn; this chance is increased when the party has more total HP than all remaining enemies
The average gil value of the money or items this monster can drop when defeated
Avg. Drop
The families this monster belongs to; undead creatures are damaged by healing spells and reverse the effects of drain attacks used against them; some weapons get a +20 bonus to attack when used against certain monster families (this does not stack with the bonus for using an elemental weapon against a monster that is weak against that element)
The elements this monster is weak against; spells of these elements always have their maximum effect and deal double damage; elemental weapons get a +20 bonus to attack when used against monsters weak against any of their elements (this does not stack with the bonus for using a weapon against a monster of a family it is especially effective against)
The elements this monster resists or absorbs; spells of resisted elements are always fully resisted and deal half damage, whle spells of absorbed elements have no effect and heal the target; individual monster pages indicate which elements are resisted and which are absorbed
Balloon 1 20 10 9 1×50% - 0 0×0% 1×50% −20% 8 gil Magic Beast Fire, Lightning Body, Mind
Dead Head 2 45 - 17 1×60% - 9 1×20% 2×40% −20% 16 gil Undead Fire Body, Death, Ice, Mind
Goblin Guard 1 10 6 4 1×50% - 0 1×10% 1×50% −20% 16 gil Giant - -
Goblin Prince 1 30 10 9 1×60% - 4 1×10% 2×40% −20% 52 gil Giant - -
Hornet 1 6 - 4 1×50% Venom 0 1×10% 1×50% 10% 8 gil Magic Beast - -
Leg Eater 1 6 - 4 1×60% - 0 0×0% 1×50% 10% 8 gil Earth - Body, Mind
Queen Bee 1 30 - 9 1×50% Poison 4 1×10% 1×50% −20% 18 gil Magic Beast - -
Soldier 1 45 10 17 1×60% - 9 1×10% 2×50% −20% 29 gil - - -
Vampire Thorn 1 20 - 4 1×60% Venom 0 0×0% 1×50% −20% 18 gil Earth - Body, Mind
Zombie 1 30 - 17 1×60% - 0 0×0% 1×50% −20% 16 gil Undead Fire Body, Death, Ice, Mind