Weapons: Sold at The Tempered Steel – 5 shown
Advanced weapons are not sold until you have taken a certain number of steps; exceptional weapons are not sold at all and must be found
The keystroke used to buy or select this weapon
The range at which this weapon can be used to attack; weapons with no range cannot be used to attack, but may grant other bonuses
The base damage dealt by this weapon, which is modified by your strength score
The possible range of coin required to buy this weapon in a shop; the higher your intelligence score, the lower the cost
The possible range of coin you will receive when selling this weapon to a shop; the higher your charisma score, the more you will receive
Certain weapons will not become available for sale until you've taken a certain number of actions (steps, attacks, and so on) in the game; some weapons will never be available for sale
Sold After
The special properties granted to the wielder of this weapon; spell damage bonuses apply to all spells cast while wielding the weapon
Dagger b 1 8 5 p. 1 p. Game start -
Axe d 1 24 10–13 p. 2–5 p. Game start -
Sword f 1 40 20–28 p. 5–14 p. 1,500 steps -
Bow & Arrows h 3 56 34–51 p. 10–27 p. 3,000 steps -
Wand j - - 54–82 p. 16–44 p. 3,000 steps 100% spell damage bonus