Items – 63 shown
Rare items can only be found with a Meal Ticket or as a rare drop from an enemy; unique items can only be found as treasure; salable items are most useful when sold
The type of item this is
The amount of money required to buy the item from the librarian, if it is available for sale
Specifics on what this item does when used
Effect Notes
Meal ticket Food $2,000 Creates a random food item
Toadstool Food - Deals 1 Poison damage
Shield potion Medicine - Defence-up (DEF +20)
Smart potion Medicine - Intelligence-up (INT +20)
Luck potion Medicine - Lucky-up (LCK +20)
Attack potion Medicine - Offence-up (ATT +20)
Resist dark Medicine - Protection from Dark
Resist fire Medicine - Protection from Fire
Resist holy Medicine - Protection from Holy
Resist ice Medicine - Protection from Ice
Resist stone Medicine - Protection from Stone
Resist thunder Medicine - Protection from Thunder
Uncurse Medicine $200 Removes Curse
Antivenom Medicine $200 Removes Poison
Hammer Medicine $200 Removes Stone; used by Faerie familiar
Chinese bun Food - Restores 10 HP
Green tea Food - Restores 10 HP
Strawberry Food - Restores 10 HP
Sirloin Food - Restores 100 HP
Sushi Food - Restores 100 HP
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