Achievements – 36 shown
The platinum trophy is only available on the PlayStation 3; other achievements are colored based on level, bronzesilvergold
The in-game description of the requirements for this achievement/trophy
The amount of Gamerscore gained by earning this achievement on Xbox 360
The type of trophy this is on Playstation 3
Ultimate Hero Acquired all trophies. - Platinum
Instrument of Shame Carried the burden of guilt to the end of the line. 15 Bronze
Galuf's Grail Completed all Cie'th Stone missions. 30 Silver
Dorgann's Trophy Completed all high-level Cie'th Stone Missions. 30 Silver
Kelger's Cup Completed all low-level Cie'th Stone missions. 15 Bronze
Xezat's Chalice Completed all mid-level Cie'th Stone missions. 15 Bronze
Limit Breaker Dealt 100,000+ damage with a single attack. 30 Silver
Instrument of Faith Defied destiny's charge and embarked on a different path. 30 Silver
Loremaster Discerned the full attributes of 100 enemies. 80 Gold
Gysahl Wreath Discovered buried treasure with a little help from a chocobo. 15 Bronze
L'Cie Paragon Earned a 5-star rating for all Cie'th Stone missions. 80 Gold
Superstar Earned a 5-star rating in the battle to determine the world's fate. 80 Gold
Instrument of Survival Evaded pursuers, though memories of the past still give chase. 15 Bronze
Adamant Will Felled a heavyweight of the lowerworld wilds. 30 Silver
Master's Seal Fully developed all characters. 30 Silver
Treasure Hunter Held every weapon and accessory. 80 Gold
Instrument of Rebellion Made plans to infiltrate enemy-occupied territory. 15 Bronze
Commando's Seal Mastered the Commando role. 15 Bronze
Medic's Seal Mastered the Medic role. 15 Bronze
Ravager's Seal Mastered the Ravager role. 15 Bronze
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