Monsters: That use Breathe Fire – 4 shown
Minibosses are monsters that appear as bosses, but appear later as regular monsters; bosses only appear in set battles; the final boss must be defeated to complete the game
Monsters start combat with a randomized HP total in this range
Monsters drop a randomized amount of GOLD in this range
Monsters will not use special abilities if the situation does not warrant it; they will not use Sleep or Stopspell if they are already in effect, and will not use Heal or Healmore unless they are at 1/4 HP or below
Special Ability
If it makes sense for a monster to use its special ability, this is the chance it will choose to do so on its turn
S.Ab. Rate
Special Attack
A monster with both a special ability and a special attack will only use the special attack if it chooses not to use its special ability, so depending on the situation the actual chance of them using this attack may be lower than this value
S.Att. Rate
Strength determines the attack power of a monster's normal attacks
Agility determines the defense power of a monster
The monster may evade normal attacks at this rate
The monster will fully resist Sleep spells at this rate; all monsters have an equal 1/3 chance to wake from Sleep each turn after it has been inflicted
Resist Sleep
The monster will fully resist Stopspell spells at this rate; once this spell succeeds, it does not wear off; note that monsters with no Spells to stop typically have very high resistance to Stopspell
Resist Stopspell
The monster will not take damage from Hurt and Hurtmore spells at this rate; if the spells work, they will deal full damage
Resist Hurt
This value indicates the Agility the hero must have to have a 50% chance of successfully running on a given turn; the wider the gap between this value and the hero's Agility, the more or less likely a run attempt is to succeed
Run Difficulty
Green Dragon 49–65 45 120–159 G - - Breathe Fire 1/4 88 74 2/64 7/16 15/16 2/16 37
Blue Dragon 53–70 60 112–149 G - - Breathe Fire 1/4 98 84 2/64 15/16 15/16 7/16 42
Red Dragon 76–100 100 105–139 G SLEEP 1/4 Breathe Fire 3/4 120 90 0 15/16 15/16 15/16 90
Starwyvern 49–65 43 120–159 G HEALMORE 3/4 Breathe Fire 1/4 86 80 2/64 8/16 0 1/16 40