Encounter Groups – 20 shown
Every set of encounters includes five monsters, though some may appear more than once; each encounter will be with one of these chosen at random
The average amount of GOLD won from an encounter in this area, assuming victory in every fight
The average amount of experience won from an encounter in this area, assuming victory in every fight
Avg. Experience
The dungeon floors where these encounters can be found
Dungeon Floors
Slime × 3, Red Slime × 2 1.4 G 1.0 Alefgard Tantegel Area
Red Slime × 3, Slime, Drakee 1.8 G 1.2 Alefgard Outer Tantegel
Slime, Ghost × 2, Drakee, Red Slime 2.4 G 2.0 Alefgard North
Red Slime × 2, Drakee, Ghost, Magician 3.9 G 2.2 Alefgard Garinham Area, Alefgard East of Tantegel
Ghost, Magician, Magidrakee × 2, Scorpion 9.4 G 4.6 Alefgard West of Kol, Alefgard South of Garinham, Alefgard Southeast of Mountain Cave
Ghost, Magician, Scorpion, Druin × 2 10.8 G 5.4 Mountain Cave B1, Swamp Cave B1
Ghost, Magician, Magidrakee, Scorpion, Skeleton 12.5 G 5.8 Alefgard East of Kol, Alefgard Mountain Cave Area, Alefgard Northern Cave Area
Magidrakee, Scorpion, Skeleton, Warlock, Wolf 24.4 G 10.2 Alefgard North Rimuldar
Poltergeist, Droll, Drakeema, Skeleton, Warlock 21.7 G 10.6 Garinham B1, Mountain Cave B2
Skeleton, Warlock, Metal Scorpion, Wolf × 2 35.2 G 14.0 Alefgard Rimuldar Area, Garinham B2
Metal Scorpion, Wraith, Wolflord × 2, Goldman 80.0 G 15.4 Alefgard South Rimuldar, Alefgard Northeast of Hauksness
Wraith, Wyvern × 2, Wolflord, Goldman 94.0 G 18.2 Alefgard Southern Cave Area, Alefgard Southwest Bridge Area
Specter, Wolflord, Druinlord, Drollmagi, Wraith Knight 77.2 G 21.6 Garinham B3, Garinham B4
Wyvern, Rogue Scorpion, Wraith Knight, Knight, Demon Knight 106.1 G 29.6 Alefgard West of Hauksness
Knight, Magiwyvern, Demon Knight, Werewolf, Starwyvern 128.0 G 37.4 Alefgard Outer Cantlin, Alefgard Isle of the Dragon
Werewolf, Green Dragon, Starwyvern × 2, Wizard 139.4 G 44.2 Alefgard Cantlin Area, Hauksness 1F
Werewolf, Green Dragon, Starwyvern, Wizard, Axe Knight 140.2 G 46.4 Charlock Castle 1F, Charlock Castle B1
Wraith Knight, Knight, Magiwyvern, Demon Knight, Metal Slime 94.9 G 49.4 Alefgard South of Hauksness
Wizard, Axe Knight, Blue Dragon × 2, Stoneman 134.0 G 57.8 Charlock Castle B2, Charlock Castle B3, Charlock Castle B4
Wizard, Stoneman, Armored Knight × 2, Red Dragon 126.3 G 71.0 Charlock Castle B5, Charlock Castle B6, Charlock Castle B7