Abilities – 145 shown
Proactive and reactive abilities are used in different situations; character abilities are only learned by a single character; item abilities are not learned naturally by any character, but can be learned with items
CP Subype
Some items teach an ability to the leader of the party after a successfully completed song; a party member cannot learn the same ability twice, and the item will not be used if they already have the learned ability
Learned With
Curaga Reactive 25 Magic Curaga Scroll
Pray (Lv1) Reactive 10 Probability Pray Scroll I
Pray (Lv2) Reactive 18 Probability Pray Scroll II
Pray (Lv3) Reactive 27 Probability Pray Scroll III
Brace (Lv1) Reactive 3 Probability Brace Scroll I
Brace (Lv2) Reactive 5 Probability Brace Scroll II
Brace (Lv3) Reactive 7 Probability Brace Scroll III
Recall Reactive 8 Special Recall Scroll
Spare Change Reactive 10 Special Millionaire's Tome
Level 5 Flare Reactive 32 Special Flare Scroll V
Steal (Lv1) Reactive 16 Probability Thief's Tome
Dash (Lv1) Reactive 8 Special Runner's Tome
Ancient Magic Reactive 18 Magic -
Blitz Ace Reactive 18 Physical -
Blizzaga Reactive 26 Magic -
Blizzara Reactive 14 Magic -
Blizzard Reactive 7 Magic -
Blood Weapon Reactive 18 Special -
Boost (Lv1) Reactive 8 Special -
Boost (Lv2) Reactive 14 Special -
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