Abilities – 145 shown
Proactive and reactive abilities are used in different situations; character abilities are only learned by a single character; item abilities are not learned naturally by any character, but can be learned with items
Type CP Subype
Some items teach an ability to the leader of the party after a successfully completed song; a party member cannot learn the same ability twice, and the item will not be used if they already have the learned ability
Learned With
Brace (Lv1) Reactive 3 Probability Brace Scroll I
Brace (Lv2) Reactive 5 Probability Brace Scroll II
Brace (Lv3) Reactive 7 Probability Brace Scroll III
Curaga Reactive 25 Magic Curaga Scroll
EXP Hound Proactive 15 Special EXP Hound Scroll
EXP Up (Lv1) Proactive 15 Special EXP Up Scroll I
EXP Up (Lv2) Proactive 20 Special EXP Up Scroll II
EXP Up (Lv3) Proactive 25 Special EXP Up Scroll III
Level 5 Flare Reactive 32 Special Flare Scroll V
Sight (Lv1) Proactive 16 Special Kupo Nut Recipe
Spare Change Reactive 10 Special Millionaire's Tome
Treasure Hunter (Lv1) Proactive 12 Special Pillager's Tome
Pray (Lv1) Reactive 10 Probability Pray Scroll I
Pray (Lv2) Reactive 18 Probability Pray Scroll II
Pray (Lv3) Reactive 27 Probability Pray Scroll III
Recall Reactive 8 Special Recall Scroll
Dash (Lv1) Reactive 8 Special Runner's Tome
Steal (Lv1) Reactive 16 Probability Thief's Tome
Agility Up (Lv1) Proactive 4 Augment -
Agility Up (Lv2) Proactive 8 Augment -
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