Items – 198 shown
Uncommon items can be obtained from monsters or other repeatable means; rare items can be found, refined, or obtained as rare drops; Pocketstation items are available only through the Chocobo World minigame
The type of item this is, based on the iconshown in game
The cost to buy this item in a shop, if it is available for sale; you receive a 1/3 discount on all items if you have the Haggle menu ability
The amount of gil you receive when selling this item; you get one and a half times this value if you have the Sell-High menu ability
Whether this item can be used in the battle, from the game menu, or if it cannot be used in this way at all (these items are typically used to refine other items or spells)
Used In
Accelerator GF Medicine - 12,500 gil Menu
Adamantine GF Medicine - 7,500 gil Menu
Aegis Amulet GF Medicine - 12,500 gil Menu
Amnesia Greens GF Medicine 1,000 gil 250 gil Menu
Antidote Medicine 100 gil 50 gil Battle/Menu
AP Ammo Ammo - 50 gil -
Arctic Wind Miscellaneous - 25 gil Menu
Aura Stone Tool - 5 gil Battle
Barrier Miscellaneous - 125 gil Menu
Betrayal Sword Miscellaneous - 50 gil -
Black Hole Miscellaneous - 75 gil Menu
Bomb Fragment Miscellaneous - 25 gil Menu
Bomb Spirit GF Medicine - 5,000 gil Menu
Cactus Thorn Miscellaneous - 75 gil Menu
Chef's Knife Miscellaneous - 75 gil Menu
Chocobo's Tag Tool - 125 gil Menu
Circlet GF Medicine - 75 gil Menu
Cockatrice Pinion Miscellaneous - 50 gil -
Combat King 001 Magazine 1,000 gil 500 gil Menu
Combat King 002 Magazine 1,000 gil 500 gil Menu
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