Commands – 32 shown
Special commands are typed manually after using the [o]ther command
The key that is pressed to use this command; commands shown with angle brackets must be typed out in full after using the Other command
Whether this command can be used during combat
Whether this command can be used while inside a dungeon
Attack a Yes No Engage in combat, or attack during combat
Board b No No Board a frigate or mount a horse
Cast c Yes Yes Cast a spell
Descend d No Yes Climb down a ladder in a dungeon
Enter e No No Enter a location
Fire f No No Fire a frigate's cannons
Get Chest g No Yes Open a chest
Hand Equipment h No Yes Transfer items between party members
Ignite a torch i No Yes Use a torch to light a dungeon
Join gold j No Yes Give all of the party's gold to one member
Klimb k No Yes Climb up a ladder in a dungeon
Look l No No Examine an adjacent object
Modify order m No Yes Change the order of characters in the party
Negate Time n Yes Yes Negate time for opponents using a powder
Other command o No Yes Enter full text commands
Peer at gem p No Yes View the current location or dungeon's map
Quit & Save q No No Save progress in the overworld
Ready r Yes Yes Choose a weapon for a character to wield
Steal Chest s No No Attempt to steal a chest from behind a shop counter
Transact t No No Interact with other characters
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