Shops: Which cure Poisoned – 5 shown
The location where this shop is found
Shop Type Price
Dawn Healing 100 gold
Devil Guard Healing 100 gold
Fawn Healing 100 gold
Moon Healing 100 gold
Yew Healing 100 gold
Creatures: Which Inflict Poisoned – 3 shown
Dungeon creatures are found in dungeons or in Castle Fire; town creatures are not normally aggressive; invincible creatures cannot be defeated
Some monsters have multiple versions that share a sprite but have different names; all versions of a monster are statistically identical
Other Versions
The character that scores the killing blow on this type of monster receives this many experience points
Creatures of this type may randomly appear in these locations; some monsters only appear in preset locations, and are not encountered at random
Man-O-War - 20 Sea Uses damage spell, poison spell
Pincher Bradle, Snatch 10 Land, Dungeon Level 04–08 Poisonous attack
Balron Devil, Orcus 20 Dungeon Level 06–08 Poison spell