Locations – 21 shown
Dungeons are filled with aggressive monsters; special locations are difficult to find; the final castle is the lair of Exodus
What type of location this is; 'special' locations are full continents that are accessed in non-standard ways
Sosaria Special
Castle of Lord British Castle
Britain Towne
Yew Towne
Moon Towne
Grey Towne
Montor East Towne
Montor West Towne
Devil Guard Towne
Fawn Towne
Death Gulch Towne
Dawn Towne
Ambrosia Special
Dardin's Pit Dungeon
Perinian depths Dungeon
Dungeon of Fire Dungeon
Mines of Morinia Dungeon
Doom Dungeon
Dungeon of the Snake Dungeon
Dungeon of Time Dungeon
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