Locations – 27 shown
Dungeons and towers have multiple levels and are filled with enemies; extraterrestrial locations are found on planets other than Earth
The number and types of treasures that can be found and claimed at this location; this includes any types of transportation that can be claimed in this location, not including horses purchased at a transport shop
Baradins Town Village Pangea -
Le Jester Village B.C. -
Port Bonifice Village A.D. Frigate
Pirates Harbour Village Aftermath Frigate, plane, rocket
Jupiter Village Village Jupiter -
New Jester Village Uranus -
Computer Camp Village Neptune -
Tommersville Village Pluto -
Towne Linda Town B.C. -
New San Antonio Town A.D. Horse, plane
Towne Mary Town Mars -
Towne Makler Town Pluto Horse
Towne Basko Town X Horse, frigate
Shadow Guard Castle Legends -
Castle of Lord British Castle B.C. -
Castle of Lord British Castle A.D. -
Castle Barataria Castle X -
South America Tower Tower B.C. 46 chests, 104 tri-lithiums
Egypt Tower Tower A.D. 54 chests, 31 tri-lithiums
Jupiter Tower Tower Jupiter 110 chests, 124 tri-lithiums
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