Magic Waters: Which can increase Food – 2 shown
Which body of water within the castle or city has these properties
Body of Water
The castles and cities where this body of water can be found
What type of bonus dropping coins in this body of water may result in
Bonus To
The amount of the bonus based on the number of coins dropped
Bonus Amount
Southern small pond The Castle Barataria, The Castle of Lord British, The Castle of Olympus, The White Dragon's Castle Food 300% of pence dropped
East half of water The Black Dragon's Castle, The Castle of Shamino, The Castle of the Lost King, The Castle Rondorin Food 300% of pence dropped
Shops: Which sell Food – 7 shown
The name of the shop; each shop appears in exactly one town per continent
What type of items this shop sells
The four towns (one per continent) where this shop can be found
The items sold in this shop; some goods will not be available until you've taken a certain number of steps in game, as indicated on the specific item pages; prices are determined by your statistics, and are the same across all of the shops in the land
Food Arnold, Britain, Gorlab, Nassau Food
Food Clear Lagoon, Dextron, Linda, Moon Food
Food Gauntlet, Owen, Paws, Wheeler Food
Food Bulldozer, Imagination, John, Montor Food
Food Gerry, Ponder, The Brother, Yew Food
Food Tune, Turtle, Wealth, Wolf Food
Food Grey, Lost Friends, Poor, The Snake Food