Creatures: Found in The Long Death – 25 shown
The name of the creature; note that creatures of the same name that appear in different types of areas (e.g., the overworld or dungeons) are different creatures with different statistics; dungeon creatures are found only on certain dungeon levels; town creatures are not normally aggressive; kings are worth a great deal of experience if defeated; you must defeat the final boss to complete the game
The location where you can find this creature; all of the lands, woods, and seas of Sosaria are home to the same types of creatures, regardless of continent
Whether this creature's attacks are ranged; you cannot attack creatures with a ranged attack unless you have a ranged attack as well
Any special notes about the creature's special abilities
Ranger Dungeon Levels 1–2 No -
Skeleton Dungeon Levels 1–2 No -
Thief Dungeon Levels 1–2 No Steals your lowest-tier unequipped weapon instead of dealing damage when it hits (deals damage normally if there's nothing to steal)
Giant Rat Dungeon Levels 1–2 No -
Bat Dungeon Levels 1–2 No -
Giant Spider Dungeon Levels 3–4 No -
Viper Dungeon Levels 3–4 No -
Orc Dungeon Levels 3–4 No -
Cyclops Dungeon Levels 3–4 No -
Gelatinous Cube Dungeon Levels 3–4 No Destroys equipped armor when it hits
Ettin Dungeon Levels 5–6 No -
Mimic Dungeon Levels 5–6 No Appears to be a chest
Lizard Man Dungeon Levels 5–6 No -
Minotaur Dungeon Levels 5–6 No -
Carrion Creeper Dungeon Levels 5–6 No -
Tangler Dungeon Levels 7–8 No -
Gremlin Dungeon Levels 7–8 No Deals no damage, but steals half your food when it hits
Wandering Eyes Dungeon Levels 7–8 No -
Wraith Dungeon Levels 7–8 No -
Liche Dungeon Levels 7–8 No -
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Dungeon Levels: Found in The Long Death – 5 shown
Each pair of floors on a particular dungeon are occupied by the same set of monsters, though those on the lower floor are slightly tougher
The set of creatures that can appear on these dungeon floors
1–2 Ranger, Skeleton, Thief, Giant Rat, Bat
3–4 Giant Spider, Viper, Orc, Cyclops, Gelatinous Cube
5–6 Ettin, Mimic, Lizard Man, Minotaur, Carrion Creeper
7–8 Tangler, Gremlin, Wandering Eyes, Wraith, Liche
9–10 Invisible Seeker, Mind Whipper, Zorn, Daemon, Balron