Creatures: Found on Dungeon Levels 9–10 – 5 shown
The name of the creature; note that creatures of the same name that appear in different types of areas (e.g., the overworld or dungeons) are different creatures with different statistics; dungeon creatures are found only on certain dungeon levels; town creatures are not normally aggressive; kings are worth a great deal of experience if defeated; you must defeat the final boss to complete the game
Whether this creature's attacks are ranged; you cannot attack creatures with a ranged attack unless you have a ranged attack as well
Any special notes about the creature's special abilities
Invisible Seeker No Completely invisible
Mind Whipper No Sometimes uses mental attack (no damage but reduces Intelligence by about 40% of the amount above 12)
Zorn No -
Daemon No -
Balron No -

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Level 9 Base Map
Level 10 Base Map