Systems – 71 shown
Mass relay systems the arrival points for the clusters they appear in; DLC systems are only available if you have installed the relevant content
The star cluster where this system is located; names in gray italics indicate clusters which are only available through downloadable content
Whether there is a mass relay located in this cluster
Mass Relay
Whether there is a fuel system available for use in this system
Fuel Depot
The visitable planets and other satellites within this system; names in DLC planets are only available through downloadable content
What you have to do in order to be able to travel to this system; there may be other ways of accessing these systems beyond those listed
Sol Local Cluster Yes No Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto Immediately
Relic Eagle Nebula No No Murky Water, Fitful Current, First Land, Island Wind, Rough Tide, Preying Mouth, Beach Thunder Immediately
Faryar Hourglass Nebula No No Quarem, Daratar, Tunfigel, Nephros, Alingon, Wenrum, Antictra Immediately
Skepsis Sigurd's Cradle Yes Yes Wallace, Darwin, Franklin, Watson, Crick, Pauling, Keimowitz Complete MSV Strontium Mule assignment
Aysur Caleston Rift No No Agnin, Shasu, Dranen, Alformus, Shir, Tamgauta Unlock any system in the cluster
SowiloDLC Hourglass Nebula No No Uruz, Kenaz, Hagalaz, Ansuz, Thurisaz, Isa Complete Lair of the Shadow Broker mission
Aralakh Krogan DMZ Yes Yes Durak, Kanin, Kruban, Tuchanka, Ruam, Vaul Start Old Blood or Rite of Passage mission
Dirada Pylos Nebula No No Siano, Thenusi, Canalus, Zeth, Sineus, Vioresa Buy Star Chart - Pylos Nebula
Balor Caleston Rift Yes Yes Cernunnos, Caleston, Bres, Elatha, Partholon Unlock any system in the cluster
YakawaDLC Caleston Rift No No Sakata, Nambu, Maskawa, Karumto, Kobayashi Complete Rosalie Lost assignment
Lusarn Crescent Nebula No No Jontan, Euntanta, Doriae, Tarith, Xetic Complete Horizon mission
Tasale Crescent Nebula Yes Yes Beregale, Illium, Ponolus, Thail, Naxell Complete Horizon mission
Amun Eagle Nebula No No Sekhmet, Sobek, Anhur, Neith, Bast Immediately
Hoplos Hades Nexus No No Talaria, Makhaira, Kopis, Trident, Aegis Complete Volcano Station assignment
Osun Hourglass Nebula Yes Yes Orunmila, Prison Ship Purgatory, Erinle, Aganju, Olokun Immediately
AquilaDLC Ismar Frontier Yes Yes Lepini, Vecchio, Volturno, Metaponto, Pollino Immediately
ElystaDLC Ismar Frontier No No Seleas, Zeona, Odasst, Hesano, Melile Immediately
Dakka Nubian Expanse Yes Yes Bannik, Pragia, Alkonost, Gamayun, Zirnitra Start Subject Zero mission
AmadaDLC Omega Nebula No No Takkan, Karora, Eingana, Alchera, Anjea Immediately
Sahrabarik Omega Nebula Yes Yes Urdak, Omega, Imorkan, Bindur, Omega 4 Relay Immediately
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