Areas: Involved in Vulcan Station – 1 shown
The planet or satellite where this area is located
The name of the area; most areas will be shown with their planet name, but some have no specific area name; DLC areas are only available if you have installed the relevant content
Aite Vulcan StationDLC
Enemies: Encountered during Vulcan Station – 4 shown
The in-game name of the enemy; there may be different versions of an enemy, for example of different races, that share the same name; advanced enemies have more than two different health levels; DLC enemies are only encountered if you have installed the relevant content
Some powers only affect organic or synthetic targets
The different health bars this enemy has, in order from outermost to innermost; enemies may have less health bars on lower difficulty levels; each health bar type is affected differently by weapons and powers
Health Levels
Assault Drone Synthetic Shields
Cerberus TurretDLC Synthetic Armor
LOKI Mech Synthetic Armor, Health
YMIR Mech Synthetic Shields, Armor, Health
Found Items: During Vulcan Station – 8 shown
The area where this object is found
The type of object to be examined
If the object requires a hack or bypass minigame to open, that is indicated here
The item found by examining this object; names in gray italics indicate items which are only available through downloadable content
Where within this area the object can be found; these are normally listed in general order of appearance
Vulcan StationDLC Node - 400 iridium Node in cavern
Vulcan StationDLC Node - 400 iridium Node near turret
Vulcan StationDLC Node - 800 iridium Node on plateau with two turrets
Vulcan StationDLC Node - 400 iridium Node in mountainous area
Vulcan StationDLC Datapad - 1,125 credits Near valve D4
Vulcan StationDLC Med Kit - Medi-gel After explosive container
Vulcan StationDLC Wall Safe - 1,500 credits Near upstairs research log
Vulcan StationDLC Medical Station - Medi-gel Upstairs