Areas: Involved in Geth Incursion – 1 shown
The planet or satellite where this area is located
The name of the area; most areas will be shown with their planet name, but some have no specific area name; DLC areas are only available if you have installed the relevant content
Lattesh LatteshDLC
Found Items: During Geth Incursion – 10 shown
The area where this object is found
The type of object to be examined
If the object requires a hack or bypass minigame to open, that is indicated here
The item found by examining this object; names in gray italics indicate items which are only available through downloadable content
Where within this area the object can be found; these are normally listed in general order of appearance
LatteshDLC Node - 100 palladium First node
LatteshDLC Node - 150 palladium Second node
LatteshDLC Node - 250 palladium Third node
LatteshDLC Node - 350 palladium Fourth node
LatteshDLC Node - 450 palladium Fifth node
LatteshDLC Node - 500 palladium Sixth node
LatteshDLC Node - 600 palladium Seventh node
LatteshDLC Node - 750 palladium Eighth node
LatteshDLC Node - 850 palladium Ninth node
LatteshDLC Node - 1,000 palladium Tenth node