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The area where this object is found
The type of object to be examined
If the object requires a hack or bypass minigame to open, that is indicated here
The item found by examining this object; names in gray italics indicate items which are only available through downloadable content
Where within this area the object can be found; these are normally listed in general order of appearance
Hermes StationDLC Wall Safe - 1,125 credits Above first battle room
Blue Suns Facility Power Cells - Heavy Weapon Ammo Across bridge
Blue Suns Facility Wall Safe - 4,000 credits Across bridge
Blood Pack Base Refined Palladium - 600 palladium Across from landing site
Archangel's Base Protection' Money Accounts Hack 6,000 credits After Blood Pack area
MSV Estevanico Crash Site Refined Iridium - 500 iridium After collapsing bridge
Disabled Collector Vessel Refined Element Zero - 250 element zero After control terminal
Disabled Collector Vessel Weapons Locker - Choose Loadout After control terminal
Disabled Collector Vessel Power Cells - Heavy Weapon Ammo After control terminal
Vulcan StationDLC Med Kit - Medi-gel After explosive container
AratohtDLC Med Kit - Medi-gel After interrogation room
Blue Suns Facility Refined Platinum - 2,000 platinum After Krogan bersekers
Slums District Modified Assault Rifle - Assault Rifle Damage After large Blue Suns battle
Disabled Collector Vessel Collector technology - 15,000 credits After large pod area
Mining Facility Locker Bypass 1,050 credits After ramp
Factory District Terminal Hack Sniper Rifle Damage After red room
Blue Suns Facility Blue Suns Corpse - 2,000 credits After Tank-Grown Krogan
Project BaseDLC Power Cells - Heavy Weapon Ammo Air lock
Commercial Spaceport Medical Station - Medi-gel Along halls
Commercial Spaceport Eclipse Terminal Hack 3,000 credits Along halls
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