Experience and Efficiency by Item Rank
Rank Experience Efficiency
1 52 0.347
2 46 0.307
3 41 0.273
4 36 0.240
5 31 0.207
6 26 0.173
7 23 0.153
8 20 0.133
9 18 0.120
10 15 0.100
11 13 0.087
Minimum Component Use to Multiplier Tiers
Bonus Number Cost
×1.25 3 450 gil
×1.5 6 900 gil
×1.75 11 1,650 gil
×2 13 1,950 gil
×3 26 3,900 gil
Accessories: Which can be Dismantled into Armored Shell – 2 shown
Rare accessories cannot be purchased but may be dropped by monsters or upgraded from purchased accessories; unique accessories can only be found or upgraded from other unique accessories, and are therefore limited in number
The passive ability granted by this accessory; the "X" in this name will be replaced with the accessory's current bonus, which is determined by its level
For accessories with a numerical bonus, this indicates the range that the bonus may grant; for accessories that can only be created via upgrade, the low end of this range is based on the level the new accessory will be created at; if you hover over the bonus range, the tooltip text will give you the exact per-level formula for the bonus
Some accessories may contribute towards a synthesized ability; you will need to equip more than one accessory or weapon with the same synthesized ability to gain its effects; details of the trigger requirements and effects of the synthesized ability can be found on its information page
The cost to purchase this accessory from a retail network, if it is available for sale
The amount of gil you would receive for selling the accessory to a retail shop at its minimum level; value increases as the accessory gains levels; if you hover over the value, the tooltip text will give you the exact per-level formula for the value
Each accessory has an associated rank, which determines how much experience the accessory gains from components of any given rank; a higher-rank accessory typically requires more or higher-quality components to upgrade
The per-level cost to upgrade this accessory; this cost increases at each level past the first, as indicated by the formula
Upgrade Cost
The number of times this accessory can be upgraded; the accessory actually has one more level than the number listed, the master level, which is indicated by a ✩; note that for accessories that must be created viw upgrade, some lower levels cannot actually be reached, since the accessory is created at a higher level
The total amount of experience required to take this accessory from zero experience at level 1 to level ✩; the full value is listed even for accessories that only appear above level 1 because the amount of experience accumulated on a master accessory is carried over when it is upgraded; for a breakdown of exactly how much experience is required to master an accessory from any given level, view its information page
Master EXP
A mastered accessory will be dismantled into these items; note that dismantling an accessory at a lower level will result in a considerably limited subset of this list
Dismantled To
The first chapter in which the accessory can be purchased, found, or upgraded from another accessory
Gaian Ring Resist Earth: +X% 36–40 Earth Damage -
5,588 gil
6 900+198/lv 5 6,480 10 Gargantuan Claws, 6 Tears of Remorse, 4 Armored Shells, Clay Ring 11
Warlord's Glove Resist Debrave: +X% 46–60 Debrave Duration -
4,438 gil
5 760+195/lv 10 16,375 Armored Shells, 2 Sunpetals, Carburetor 11