Treasures: Found in Zone Eater's Belly Jumping Puzzle Room – 1 shown
Treasure Notes
If certain conditions apply to this treasure becoming available, or if the contents of the treasure change at different points during the game, the details are shown here
Thunder Shld In chest -
Maps: Connected to Zone Eater's Belly Jumping Puzzle Room – 2 shown
World of Ruin maps cannot be found in the World of Balance; persistent maps are found in both the World of Balance as well as the World of Ruin
The random encounters found on this map; if the encounter list changes at certain points during the game, each list is shown here
The number of treasures found on this map
The dance learned by Mog upon fighting a battle on this map; if this dance is used during a battle here, the dancer has no chance of stumbling; different terrain types on the world map have different dances; plains and wastelands use the Wind Song, forests use the Forest Suite, and deserts use the Desert Aria
The price of the inn found on this map; this inn is not necessarily available at all times
Inn Price
The price of the chocobo rental found on this map; this chocobo rental is not necessarily available at all times
Chocobo Price
Save Point Recovery Spring
Whether it is possible to use Warp on this map
Ruin 2 Woollies, 2 Karkasses (1/16)
2 Karkasses (5/16)
Wart Puck, Ogor (5/16)
Tap Dancer, 2 Coverts (5/16)
- Dusk Requium - - - - Yes
Ruin Tap Dancer, Woolly (1/16)
2 Ogors (5/16)
Covert, Ogor (5/16)
2 Wart Pucks (5/16)
- Dusk Requium - - - - Yes
Armors: Found or Sold in Zone Eater's Belly Jumping Puzzle Room – 1 shown
Rare armor can be stolen from monsters; unique armor is usually found as treasure; strange armor can be won in the colosseum; ultimate armor is the most powerful in the game; starting armor is owned by certain characters but cannot be otherwise found
Type Defense
Evade % is listed in gray to indicate that, due to a bug, this value is not used; MBlock% is used to evade physical attacks instead
Evade %
Due to a bug, MBlock% is used to evade physical attacks instead of Evade %
Description Vigor Speed Stamina Mag.Pwr Price Value
If used as an item in combat, this item is lost but has the effect of the listed ability; this ability maximizes damage and ignores defense and environment factors
Item Use
The item teaches the listed spell at the listed rate in the same manner as an equipped esper
The elemental protections and weaknesses offered when equipping this item
The status effects removed by this item
The characters that can normally equip this item; the Merit Award will expand a character's item selections
Used By
(Shield)Thunder Shld Shield 43 20 28 10 Absorbs Thunder-elemental attack - - - - - 1 GP Bolt 3 Bolt 2 ×5 50% Dmg: Fire, Ice
Absorb HP: Thunder
No Effect: Wind
- All Except Umaro