Random Encounters: Found in World Map Near Temple of Fiends – 8 shown
The monsters that can be involved in this encounter; minibosses are only found in repeatable set encounters; bosses are encountered only one time during the game; the final boss must be defeated to complete the game; superbosses are the most dangerous monsters in the game
The probability of any given encounter being this one when you have a random battle on its map
A modifier to the base chance of the monsters surprising the party; your party leader's agility and luck also factor into the surprise chance
Is it possible to run from this encounter?
The average amount of total experience you can expect to earn from this encounter (this is split evenly among surviving party members)
Avg. Exp.
The average amount of gold you can expect to earn from this encounter
Avg. Gold
BONE ×2–4 18.8% +0% Yes 27 9 G
SPIDER ×1–2 18.8% +51% Yes 45 12 G
GrIMP ×1–3 18.8% +0% Yes 36 36 G
IMP ×3–5 18.8% +0% Yes 24 24 G
MADPONY ×1 9.4% +0% Yes 63 15 G
CREEP ×1–2 9.4% +0% Yes 95 23 G
IMP ×3–6, GrIMP ×0–4 4.7% +0% Yes 61 61 G
MADPONY ×2–4 1.6% +0% Yes 189 45 G