Southern Cave B1

1. Rainbow Drop
Items: Found in Southern Cave – 1 shown
Rare items cannot be purchased, and must be found; quest items are vitally important to completing the game; cursed items are valuable if sold, but will become worthless and inflict a curse if used
Magic Keys are sold at prices higher than that listed in some locations
The number of these items that can be stored in a single item slot; you cannot have more than one stack of a given item type; items with no stack size each take up an item slot, but you can carry more than one of each at a time
Stack Size
The towns where this item can be purchased, or the locations where it can be found if it cannot be purchased
Rainbow Drop Creates a bridge to the Isle of the Dragon - - - Southern Cave
Location Floors: In Southern Cave – 1 shown
Every set of encounters includes five monsters, though some may appear more than once; each encounter will be with one of these chosen at random
Inn Price Locked Doors
This includes one-time treasures and is not limited to treasure boxes
B1 - - - Rainbow Drop
Treasures: Found in Southern Cave – 1 shown
Item Floor Type Details Notes
Rainbow Drop B1 Talk Take Erdrick's Token, the Stones of Sunlight, and the Staff of Rain to the sage -