Locations – 14 shown
Name Floors
The number of squares this location is found, relative to Tantegel Castle; note that Gwaelin's Love gives the location of Tantegel Castle relative to your position, so it will report the opposite directions from these coordinates
Inn Price Locked Doors
This includes one-time treasures and is not limited to treasure boxes
Alefgard - - - - Erdrick's Token
Brecconary 1F (2N, 5E) 6 G 2 -
Kol 1F (33N, 61E) 20 G 2 Fairy Flute
Rimuldar 1F (29S, 59E) 55 G 2 Wings
Cantlin 1F (59S, 30E) 100 G 5 -
Hauksness 1F (46S, 18W) - - Erdrick's Armor
Tantegel Castle 1F, 2F, B1 (0N, 0W) - 3 120 GOLD, Torch, Magic Key, 6–13 GOLD, 6–13 GOLD, 6–13 GOLD, 6–13 GOLD, Stones of Sunlight, Gwaelin's Love
Garinham 1F, B1, B2, B3, B4 (41N, 41W) 25 G 3 10–17 GOLD, Torch, Herb, 6–13 GOLD, 5–20 GOLD, Herb, Cursed Belt, Silver Harp
Charlock Castle 1F, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7 (5S, 5E) - 3 Erdrick's Sword, Herb, Herb, 500–755 GOLD, Magic Key, Wings, Cursed Belt
Northern Cave B1 (42N, 38E) - - Staff of Rain
Swamp Cave B1 (1S, 61E) - 1 -
Southern Cave B1 (66S, 65E) - - Rainbow Drop
Erdrick's Cave B1, B2 (31N, 15W) - - Tablet
Mountain Cave B1, B2 (14S, 14W) - - Herb, Torch, Fighter's Ring, 10–17 GOLD, Death Necklace