Items – 16 shown
Rare items cannot be purchased, and must be found; quest items are vitally important to completing the game; cursed items are valuable if sold, but will become worthless and inflict a curse if used
Magic Keys are sold at prices higher than that listed in some locations
The number of these items that can be stored in a single item slot; you cannot have more than one stack of a given item type; items with no stack size each take up an item slot, but you can carry more than one of each at a time
Stack Size
The towns where this item can be purchased, or the locations where it can be found if it cannot be purchased
Cursed Belt If worn, you are cursed and cannot enter Tantegel Castle - 180 G - Garinham, Charlock Castle
Death Necklace If worn, you are cursed and cannot enter Tantegel Castle - 1,200 G - Mountain Cave
Dragon's Scale Defense Power 2 20 G 10 G - Brecconary, Garinham, Kol, Cantlin
Erdrick's Token Proves that you are a descendant of Erdrick - - - Alefgard
Fairy Flute Puts Golem to sleep - - - Kol
Fairy Water Wards off weaker enemies 38 G 19 G - Brecconary, Cantlin
Fighter's Ring No special effect - 15 G - Mountain Cave
Gwaelin's Love Reveals your location and how much experience you need until your next level - - - Tantegel Castle
Herb Restores 23-30 HP 24 G 12 G 6 Brecconary, Garinham, Kol, Cantlin
Magic Key Opens a single door 53 G 26 G 6 Tantegel Castle, Rimuldar, Cantlin
Rainbow Drop Creates a bridge to the Isle of the Dragon - - - Southern Cave
Silver Harp Calls a weak monster to fight - - - Garinham
Staff of Rain Combine with the Stones of Sunlight to make the Rainbow Drop - - - Northern Cave
Stones of Sunlight Combine with the Staff of Rain to make the Rainbow Drop - - - Tantegel Castle
Torch Creates light with a radius of 1 8 G 4 G - Brecconary, Garinham, Kol, Cantlin
Wings Brings you back to Tantagel Castle 70 G 35 G - Kol, Cantlin